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5 Other Ways to Help


Learn about the five other ways to help including the Clubs' wishlist, event support, in-kind services, office assistance, and outside-the-box ideas.


Five Reasons to Give Five

Davontre and Club Director Jacquelyn

Davontre and Club Director Jacquelyn

1. Higher Graduation Rates
90% of Boys & Girls Clubs alumni graduate high school. The average high school dropout rate in America is 33%. For Latino and African American males, that rate is closer to 50%.

2. A Safe, Nurturing Place
57% of alumni said the Club "saved their life."

3. A Path for a Bright Future
91% of alumni are satisfied with their adult life.

4. Fun and Educational Programming
Fun and educational after-school programs include sports and wellness, fine arts, career exploration, plus a healthy snack and dinner—and each child pays just $10 per year.

5. Real-Life Success Stories
"The Club is my second home, a safehouse. They led me to realize that I am braver than I believe, stronger than I may seem, and smarter than I may think." — Davontre Cohen (Teen Club Youth of Year 2015-2016 and State Youth of the Year 2016 Runner-Up)

We really can help the kids of our community stretch for a brighter future by just giving five.